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“Environment protection through Green solutions”

Third International Conference on Environment, Engineering & Energy 2017 (EEE 2017) which will be held in Toronto on 16-17 September, 2017, is dedicated to the improvement and dissemination of knowledge on methods, policies and technologies.  This global platform for researchers in those areas to meet, discuss, share, enhance knowledge and inspire & disseminate new ideas to the community. 

Conference Proceedings

All accepted abstracts will be published in the conference abstract book with a Canadian ISBN 978-0-9951985-9-x-x . The full papers will be accepted through a double blind reviewed process and will be published online and forwarded a copy to Canadian Archives for future preservation. The conference book will be deposited at the US Congress Library the largest library in the world.

We will submit the proceedings to be indexed in the Thomson Reuters, SCOPUS,  Google Scholar  for possible Indexing.

Scope/topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:  

Conference Main Sub Themes: 

Wind energy technologies

Environmental management systems

Solar energy technologies

Hydro power

Conference Main Sub Themes: 

Global warming & Climate Change

Biomass industries & Energy

Management of ecosystems, environment and water resources

Modelling & Assessments

Education for Sustainability


Bio gas and biomass
Bio-diesel fuels
Hybrid energy systems
integrated energy systems
Wind energy
Hydroelectric and geothermal power
Energy from tides and waves
Solar electricity and PV applications
Solar cell technology
Nanotechnology applications
Nuclear Materials and Fuels
Alternative fuels
NG as fuel for rural transportation
Hydrogen and fuel cells
Hybrid and electric vehicles
Rural electrification
Regional & local issues in energy
Solar thermal applications
Advances in sustainable buildings
Sustainable future cities
Advanced Energy Technologies
Nuclear Energy Application
Energy from Space
Energy Policy, Planning & Management


Air Quality Assessment
Ecosystems Assessment
Water Resources and Quality Assessment
Water Pollution and Water Quality Control
Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation
Environmental Pollution & Management
Climate Change and Global Warming
Environmental Hydraulics
Remote Sensing and Environment
Environmental Ergonomics
Industrial waste treatment
GIS, Statistics, and Remote Sensing
Data Management and Statistics
Environmental Remote Sensing Applications
GIS for Ecosystem Restoration
Hazardous Gas Bio filtration
Ecosystems Management
Solid Waste Management
Environmental Management
Water Resources Management
Watershed/ River Basin Management
Wastewater Discharge Management
Noise and acoustics
Electromagnetic waves and telecommunication
Water pollution and treatment
Solid waste management
Environmental management systems
Air pollution control and equipment
Pollution prevention in industry
Hazardous waste and waste treatment

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